Department of Information Technology

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01. An Introduction of the Department of Information Technology

The focus of development lies in multimedia network applications and digital life applications. The contents of the courses contains multimedia network, interactive games development, planning and design of network environment, the applications of insert systems, Android applications and pragmatic practice of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Besides, the subsidiary courses related certificates are collocated to make our graduates get employment in no time to promote students' competitive capability of employment.


02. Contact us

The department office is staffed with a director and an office employee.
Director: Associate Professor Lin, Chun-Yen
Director's Telephone Number: +886-6-6523111 ext. 3570

The office employee: Miss Huang, Ya-Wen (Position: Technical Specialist)
Contact Miss Huang: +886(6)6523111, ext. #3572


03. Future prospect

The future prospect of the department focuses on multimedia network, interactive animation, the applications of digital information integration, information certificates guided and assisted, digital space and artificial life, and remote control systems.


04. Photos