Department of Information Management

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01. An Introduction of the Department of Information Management

1. Concept of Education: Students are fostered to be professional high EQ and creativity. The professional skills we are going to to cultivate are in the following:

(1) information management

(2) digital guide

(3) multi-media webpage design

(4) mobile-commerce

(5) animation marketing

2. Curriculum planning:

(1) Students are cultivated to have basic knowledge and capability of information management.

(2) Students are fostered to be capable of applying information management to relative techniques.

(3) Students are educated to be equipped with a macroscopic view and ethic accomplishment.

(4) Students are cultivated to be equipped with capability of communication, expressions, logic thought, and problem solving.

3. Faculty Structure:

The teaching staff consists of seventeen full-time teachers: one professor, five associate professors, four assistant professors, and seven lecturers.


02. Contact us

Director: Li, Yu-Hui
Phone Number: +886-6-6533834

Office Employee: Cheng, Hsiu-Mei
Phone Number: +886-6-6533834


03. Future prospect


04. Photos

1, 3D Animation of Yenshui Beehive Fireworks.

2, "Experience of Yenshui Beehive Fireworks"-- cooperation with Cheng Kung Universairy.

3, Culture Thesaurus of "Yueh-Chin".

4, 3D Animation of Interior Design.

5, Carry out the link of "stepping into a community from school, stepping into school from a community" via e-book..

6, Establishment of Guide System.