Center for General Education

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01. An Introduction of the Center for General Education

In 2002, NJIT's Center for General Education was established to administer general education curriculum. At first, it was not an independent academic organization, but an administrative unit subordinate to Office of Academic affairs. General education curriculum contains nine main areas, and these are Humanities and Art, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Language and Application, Religious Philosophy, Professional General Education, Physical Education, and National Defense. Our teaching goal is to cultivate professional talents equipped with professional ethics, culture accomplishments, humanism quality and life-long learning ability to fulfill the ideal of well-rounded education. To further advance general education program, in 2010 the Center was reformed to be an independent academic organization on equal standing with academic departments instead of an administrative unit.


02. Contact us

Director: Ling, Ching-Yuan
Phone Number: +886(6)6523111, ext. #7131

Office Employee: Wang, Jo-Fei
Phone Number: +886(6)6523111, ext. #7132


03. Future prospect

Students are fostered to be equipped with knowledge of ethics, virtue, wisdom, physical education, congeniality, art and skills to fulfill the ideal of well-rounded education. Our future prospects are as follows:
1. Different from students' major, the center offers students curricula in the fields such as Humanities, Art, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Life Sciences and Mathematics so that students can learn broader to make new discoveries and gain new insights.
2. The center focuses on the curricula able to help students enrich lives, communicate effectively, think critically, make ethical decisions, solve complex problems, and value the humanity, diversity, and wonders of nature.
3. The utmost purpose of general education is to cultivate well-rounded people who respect human dignity and rights. We look forward to cultivating students to be sound in mind and body.


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