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NJU held Body Painting Competition Korean Fashion Expert Comment

Department of B Beauty Science-Styling and Fashion Design, Nan Jeon University of Science and Technology NJU) held body painting competition on Nov. 19, 2015. There are total more than 300 participates from different general and vocational high schools attended the competition.

NJU invited Famous Korean fashion expert; Ms. King, Sa-Sa and Taiwan hair stylish to be referees for providing comments to our participants in terms of their technical levels in order to promote and link our beauty styling design level with the bench mark internationally.

NJU invited the president Kim, Shasha from Allonge Wellness Technical College and professor Park, Kyungok to give a workshop in school and participate the body painting competition which is organized and implemented by department head; Chen, Li-Wen and all the students in the department.

During the competition, the sophomore students of beauty styling and fashion design department also present singing and dancing to cheer the atmosphere. In addition, the freshman students serve as models. Not only Korean fashion design experts but also our hair stylist showed their individual profession works during the competition.

Department Head Chen indicated, Korea’s beauty science and its research and development is very competitive and leading most of the other nations in the world after several years’ efforts. Now Korean is considered as the most fashioned country in Asia, therefore, department of Beauty Science- Styling and Fashion Design of NJU will continue collaborate with Allonge Wellness Technical College through variety of programs aggressively to bring Taiwan beauty and fashion industry to the international stage in the near future.

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