Nan-Jeon was founded by Mr. Shen, Jung, Mr. Shen, Nai-lin, Mr. Shen, Shui-de, Mr. Li, Bing-nan, Mr. Chen, Hsing-chang and some local gentry in Yenshui Town, Tainan County. Mr. Shen, Jung was elected as an inaugurator. At the time of inauguration, Taiwan was transforming from an agricultural society into an industrial society. With a view to cultivating more talented professionals in southern Taiwan for a link with economic development, the name of the school was called Nan-Jeon Junior College of Technology. The school motto was exact research to practical applications.

  In May 1966, the preparatory work for setting up the school started. In July 1966, the preliminary work for setting up the school was approved by Ministry of Education. On June 30, 1967, the registration of the school was approved. Thereupon enrollment began.

  The first, second and third Board Chairman of the school was Mr. Shen, Jung. The fourth and fifth Board Chairman was Mr. Shen, Shui-te. The sixth through ninth Board Chairman was Mr. Shen, Da-ji. The tenth, eleventh, and twelfth Board Chairman was Mrs. Shen, Pei-hsiang. The thirteenth Board Chairman was Mr. Shen, Yi-fang. At present, the Board Chairman is Dr. Shen, Po-ching who is the fourteenth Board Chairman of the school.

  The first president of the school was Prof. Liu, Chao-Pin. The second president was Dr. Shen, Nai-lin. The third president was Mr. Chang, Jung-tsung. The fourth president was Prof. Shen, Po-hsin. The fifth president was Prof. Shen, Po-chang.

  After officially promoted by the Ministry of Education to an Institute of Technology, the first president was Prof. Shen, Po-chang, the second Prof. Yeh, Mao-Jung and the deputy president Prof. Wang, Chun-hui. The third president was Prof. Lin, Yi-tsung. Now the president is Prof. Huang, Tsung-Liang.

  So far, the school has been founding for more than forty years. Under the ongoing efforts of successive Board of Directors, presidents, teachers and students, the educational system of the school contains four-year bachelor program, two-year bachelor program, five-year junior college program, and two-year junior college program. Nowadays, the number of the students in the day division and in the continuing education division is more than 5,000 people; and the number of graduation alumni has been more than 300,000 people. The reputation of the school has been getting more and more prosperous. The important processes of promotion from junior college of technology to an institute of technology are as follows:

1. In 1966, the preliminary work for setting up the school in Yen-shui Town, Tainan Hsien was approved by Ministry of Education.
2. In 1967, the enrollment of the school was approved by Ministry of Education and the school was named Nan Jeon Junior College of Technology.
3. In 1988, the establishment of two-year on-job education program of the Department of Electronic Engineering in the evening school was approved.
4. In 1993, the school was officially promoted to Nan Jeon Junior college of Technology and Commerce.
5. In 2001, the school was officially promoted to Nan Jeon Institute of Technology..
6. In 2007, the establishment of on-job master program of Graduate School of Engineering and Technology was approved.

  Since inauguration of the school, the school motto—Exact research to practical applications has been the core spirit of the school. The graduation alumni of the school have been basic specialized talents in the domestic country and abroad for more than forty years. Their performance has been highly praised and won a lot of reputation. In the future, the goals of the school are all-round education, quality professionals, university of technology, a new situation initiated and sustainable NJIT. We look forward to cultivating more talented professionals for the country.